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Speaking opportunities at Square Egg Events

Unique, engaging panels presented by dynamic, knowledgeable presenters make our events exciting and memorable. We host thousands of hours of panels and need help from talented, enthusiastic fans who can create, practice and present imaginative panels. Here are some tips on what we look for in speakers.


  • We look for experienced public speakers
  • We count panels every year and attendance and feedback on previously presented panels help us decide what and who to bring back
  • We host sessions on presenting successfully at our events, presenters who attend these sessions have a greater chance of being selected and successful
  • Communication and flexibility are very important. We are less likely to schedule presenters who are difficult to reach, who take a long time to reply or who have limited availability
  • Preparation and planning are key- well thought out, organized panels that are practiced and polished are more likely to be scheduled
  • We also pay close attention to the overall fit of content for our attendees.
  • Most of our programming is all ages. Panels that will feature strong language, graphic content, any degree of nudity or strong sexual innuendo need to be clearly marked as 18+
  • Too many panelists can make a presentation difficult to manage and our stages are only able to safely hold 6

Panels Planning

We develop content themes to support our events and build panels and events within those themes to create a cohesive experience. Some of the themes may be very broad and carry over from show to show and year to year like “Comic Books” or Science Fiction”. Other themes are more focused and vary from show to show and year to year for example “Guardians of the Galaxy” or “Star Trek”. Most of our content is focused around the themes for each event. Here is some background on our panel planning process.


  • Our Square Egg planning team develops the themes to support the show
  • The Square Egg team develops panel and event concepts around the themes
  • The first opportunity for speaking at events is by signing on to develop and deliver one of the panels from this list of concepts
  • The second opportunity to present is to create a concept of your own based on the themes for the event
  • The third opportunity for speakers is to offer a totally new concept that’s not tied into one of the show themes (we’d be looking for something REALLY exciting and unique here).

Speaker Interest Form

The first step in becoming a speaker is to fill out the speaker interest form HERE. Our programming team will follow up with you within two business days to talk with you about the panels we’re seeking presenters for, the themes for the show and answer any questions you may have.


Invite only content

There are some elements and topics that we host on an invitation-only basis. We generally do not consider unsolicited proposals on the following:


  • In Character Q&A
  • Events with additional charges for attendees to participate including Make and Takes
  • Conventioning panels (where the topics include what to do or how to behave at our shows or at conventions in general)
  • Shadowcasting (screening a film with live performance included)
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