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Starting with Episode VII, Star Wars has re-surged with a new cast of characters as well as new fan love. Start the journey with our super fans as they take you through Episode VII & VIII as well as novels and comics to paint a bigger picture of the galaxy yet to come

Shooting First – the Star Wars Anthologies, Novels & Comics

Rogue One, Thrawn, Lando – the galaxy far far away has gotten a boost in expanding its story with new movie anthologies, novels, and even comic books. Come and see how these stories weave into the Original Trilogy and their place in the Star Wars Universe.

The Truth Behind the “Rebellion” – Brought to you by the Empire

Freedom Loving Republic or a cesspool of disorder and treason? Get the truth, behind the lies, from the right government – the Galactic Empire!

Before Ben/Kylo hit the big screen, Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo were the new generation of characters that filled our Star Wars Universe. With Disney’s purchase of the franchise – much of the expanded Universe was moved to Legends. Find out what made the cut and what is lost… for now.

*All programming is subject to change.

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