Phasers Set to Fun – the Ultimate Star Trek Trivia

Think you’re brave enough for the Red Shirt Edition? Test your wit and cunning as your away team is matched against others in this perilously funny trivia game. Remember – each wrong question eliminates a party member so try to make Star Fleet proud!

Boldly going beyond the original Star Trek

While the original Star Trek has been off the air for many years, it set the bar when it comes to science fiction television. Shows like the Orville and movies like Galaxy Quest have shown the spirit of science and Exploration are alive and well. Come and learn how the Original Series influence many of the shows today.

So You Want to Join Star Fleet – Star Trek Edition

Do you see yourself as the brainy type or the kind of person who runs toward danger? Do you want to seek out new life and new civilizations? Then its time to try your hand at joining Star Fleet & putting your best foot forward in this take off of the Dating Game!

Star Trek Discovery – the Good, the Bad & the OMG

Star Trek Discovery – you either loved it, hated it or just didn’t subscribe to it. Find out how this latest offering fared and whether or not you should give this show a try.

Officer on Deck! The History of Starfleet

Kelvin timeline? Prime timeline? Where does Discovery fall into this mess? For new fans, join our super fans as they break down the ins and outs of the various timelines and how the fall within Roddenberry’s universe.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 25th Anniversary Retrospective

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: DS9. How has this show held up over the years? Join a panel of Treksperts to discuss the evolution of DS9 through its seven seasons, including trivia prizes!

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