Frank Cho

Marvel Artist

Barry Kitson

Comic Artist

What Did You Do Wade? The Deadpool Game

Was it Wade Wilson who blew up the Nakatomi Plaza? Did he hang off the side of cargo trailer while firing a prototype rail gun? What about self-cannibalism to save a friend? If you know who did what and where – then this outrageous game show is for you!

Evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Phase One: Avengers Assembled. From Iron Man to The Avengers, let’s discuss how Phase One set the groundwork for what the MCU has become today.

From the 31st to the 21st Century – the Guardians of the Galaxy in Comics

From Vance Astro, Charlie-27 to Rocket & Groot – the Guardians of the Galaxy have gone through many changes over years. Discover the origins, all the way up to Star-Lord taking the lead, of the galaxy’s most amazing team!

Infinity War Beat Down

We saw the MCU’s fight between Captain America & T’Challa – but what about Groot verses Hawkeye? Gamora verses the Winter Soldier? Pit you favorite MCU heroes against one another in this debate for the ages!

Yondu Poppins

Our favorite ravager, Yondu, has managed to beam himself back to 1910 where he finds work as a nanny? It could happen, right? Join Minnesota Fan Fusion storytellers in crafting the tale of the most magical babysitter in the galaxy.

Royal Claws – 50 Years of the Black Panther

T’Challa, king and protector of Wakanda, humbly requests your attendance! Celebrate 50 years of Black Panther with Marvel super fans.

Stepping onto the Screen – T’Challa, Luke Cage & Jefferson Pierce

2016 gave use Luke Cage and 2018 dropped both the Black Panther on the big screen and Black Lighting on the CW. Explore the history of these characters and what they bring to the hero game.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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