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Frank Cho

Marvel Artist

Barry Kitson

Comic Artist

Jae Lee

Comic Artist

Peter David

Comic Artist

Phase One : Avengers Assemble! From Iron Man to The Avengers, let’s discuss how Phase One set the groundwork for what the MCU has become today.

Infinite power — and maybe a prize — await those who find the lost Infinity Stones, scattered across the Minnesota Fan Fusion-verse.

I am Groot Movie Charades!

Little known fact: Groot loves Charades! Can you solve the movie puzzles in this family-friendly game where the only spoken clue is “I am Groot?”

Rebooting or re-imagining a character or concept seems to be the all the rage in Hollywood, but this has been happening to your favorite comic characters for years. Explore the tips and tricks of what makes older characters relevant to interests of the modern reader.

The reluctant hero has been a solid staple of fiction and comic books when it comes to character archetypes. Review the heroes who never wanted to be and what caused them to finally take up the mantle of hero.

*All programming is subject to change.

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