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John Ryhs-Davies

The Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit trilogy seemed to leave fans in two camps. Either they loved what was added or they were aflame for what was removed and changed when it came to the overall story. How did 300 pages become a 9 hour epic journey? Where did that man-bear come from? Search with our super fans to see where the book ended and the movie expanded the story. Find out what was changed in this beloved book and what was new!

The fantasy dwarf plays the role of comic relief, steadfast best friend, or berserk warrior with a questionable Scottish accent–but rarely do they take center stage. Now it is time to right those wrongs for all dwarvenkind–it’s DWARVES AGAINST HUMANITY! Sharpen your axes & wits in this comedy competition for everyone who ever dreamed of a beard worth braiding. Gimli don’t take no guff from no humans.

If you know who Bard’s father was or can recount the tale of Thorin Oakenshield, then it’s time to put that Hobbit lore to the test in this competition of all things Tolkein!

The Tolkien Feud!

Top ten answers are on the board. Name a distinguishing physical feature of a Hobbit! Test your LOTR/The Hobbit knowledge in this all ages game of Family Feud.

*All programming is subject to change.

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