Manu Bennett

The Hobbit

John Ryhs-Davies

The Lord of the Rings

There and Where Again? The Hobbit – the Movies vs the Book

How did 300 pages become a 9-hour epic journey? Where did that man-bear come from? Search with our superfans to see where the book ended and the movie expanded the story.

Dwarven Survival – the Hobbit Trivia Game

Was Smaug always a dragon? How many dwarven kingdoms are there? Why was it called Lonely Mountain? Test your Tolkien Knowledge against the fans to win untold glory!

Kahoot Trivia – Tolkien Edition

Use your own handheld device to select your answers as you test your LOTR/The Hobbit knowledge in this good-for-all-ages game of Kahoot!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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