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Walking Dead Beauty Pageant

Drag and shuffle your way down the catwalk, or simply enjoy the show as walkers and hunters strut their stuff, in this gory, gruesome, and fun fashion show to end all fashion shows.

Survivor Quest – The Walking Dead Edition

Survive elimination, and possibly being eaten, in this Walking Dead team trivia challenge. For every wrong answer you will lose a teammate, so choose wisely.

The Walking Dead Silence

Take two classic horror titles and morph them into one. There you have the simple premise for this, fun for all ages, “before and after” game show.

Horror fans unite! Come together and share your love for the genre as we discuss The Classics, The Remakes, and everything in between.

Are you ready for more “interesting” and freaky bits from the North Star State & the Internet? Let’s take a walk through Minnesota’s creepy crawly stories of the unknown, from goose-bump raising tales to sightings of unknown creatures!

*All programming is subject to change.

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