Jigsaw’s Puzzle Game of Doom

Billy (the creepy doll from SAW), would like to play a game. Can you survive a horror extravaganza, with a little help from some experts, in this trivia/Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader mashup?

Hollywood Horror – The Classics vs. The Remakes

Horror fans unite! Come together and share your love for the genre as we discuss The Classics, The Remakes, and everything in between.

You’re scared of what?

Clowns, dolls, and demons we get….but sharknados? Have some laughs with us, as we discuss some of the more ridiculous horror concepts seen in recent years.

Stranger Things: Tales from the Upside Down

Catch up with all the odd occurrences happening in Hawkins, Indiana! Favorite episodes, head-scratching events, and a few teary moments are all fair game in this Season One and Two recaps.

Horrific mistakes: When horror gets it wrong

Plot holes, really bad CGI, hokey creatures, and laughable “scary” moments can be the death of any promising horror movie. Come share your thoughts on how producers, directors, and actors can easily kill off a film, no matter what the budget.

Bad Boys: Why We Love Our Villains

In some fandoms, the villains have just as many, or more, fans than the “good guys.” Come share your favorites as we praise the likes of Negan, The Joker, Jason Voorhees, and many others.

Frankenstein’s 200th Birthday: The Historical Significance of the Monster’s Story and What Makes it Timeless.

200 is a lot of birthday candles…especially if you’re a monster that is not fond of fire. Join our resident monster experts for a discussion on why this story of a doctor and his creation still speaks to us, two centuries later.

Walking Mythos – The Walking Dead

The AMC hit show is just the tip of the machete when it comes to The Walking Dead. Come discuss both series, the comics, the novels, and even the video games.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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