Harry Potter Panels & Events

Expanding the World of Harry Potter

With the introduction of Fantastic Beast and its sequel as well the Cursed Child & Unpublished works – the world of J.K. Rowlings has been expanding to even greater proportions.

“Name an item that a Wizard is most likely to carry on their person.” “What Muggle Technology fascinates Wizards the most?” Find out these answers, and many more, in our Hogwarts Houses Edition of Family Feud.

Diversity in the Harry Potter Universe

A discussion of diversity and inclusion in the Harry Potter universe that covers the positive representations seen in the past, and more current events that are a bit more disappointing.

Fantastic Beasts 2!

The first Fantastic Beasts opened up a whole new part of the world for us. The sequel is set to bring even more history to the table. Learn what our superfans have gathered about this latest offering and its future!

Harry Potter and the Curse of Being a Media Franchise

Is the Harry Potter franchise getting farther and farther away from what made it great, now that the books are being shaped around the Potter media empire, which now includes not just movies, but video games, online content, toys and amusement parks?

*All programming is subject to change.

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