Harry Potter Panels & Events

Costuming in the Game of Thrones

From seductive & courtly dresses to the grim black wear of the Night’s Watch – Westeros has certainly given us an eye full when it comes to fashion. Explore the fashions of war, houses, and treachery in the world of Game of Thrones.

Roast of Jon Snow

Honestly – does Jon even know why he’s here? Come and witness the barbs and cutting remarks made by Jon Snow’s fellow Watchmen, Family and “friends” as this King of the North takes the hot seat in our Game of Thrones Roast

Game of Foams

The Iron Throne was constructed with swords of the fallen and the breath of dragons. Can you meet the latest challenge and construct your own throne of worthy of a king using FOAM?

Ice Dragons and Season 7 – What’s Going on with Game of Thrones?

From frozen armies, undead ice dragons and startling revelations – what is Season 7 going to have in store for us. Join our group of super fans as they break down the chain of events and where it may lead in the upcoming season of this popular HBO show!

We’re Not the Top of the Food Chain Anymore: The Animals and Monsters of Westeros

Dire Wolves, White Walkers, and Dragons – Oh My! Explore the creatures of the North and the lands beyond with our superfans and how each lends a bit of danger to the Game of Thrones world!

A Song of Fire & Wha? Understanding Game of Thrones

House Tyrell? The Mountain? What is people’s obsession with those darn dragons? Are you new to series and want a better grasp on this lethal cast of characters? Join our superfans as they lay out all you need to know about this hit series

Hot & Cold Transitions – Game of Thrones from Novel to Television

So wait – they are dead and this character is alive? Find out the highs and lows of your favorite characters from the novels and how they have changed in the television series

A Short Cut to the Iron Throne – A Game of Thrones Adventure

We know the path Daenerys Targaryen took to get a crack at the Iron Throne, but what if there was another exiled noble with a claim to the throne? Dive into the saddle and become part of a new adventure where that can lead to untold glory, war or the executioner’s block.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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