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Who’s Who in Doctor Who

What is with the Blue Police Box and how exactly is a screwdriver sonic? Why have them so many people playing the Doctor? Seriously – what is the Doctor a Doctor of?

Watching any Doctor Who episode reminds us that we always should keep a box of tissues handy. Find out the fate of some companions and prepare to sniffle once again.

If it ever came down to it – which companion would take out the others? Could Sara Jane be taken out by Rose Tyler? What about Craig Owens; could he hold his own against Wilfred Mott? Let the Clash BEGIN!

The Doctor is not perfect and the many facets we have seen when it comes to his regenerations just proves the point. The 5th and the 11th were too young. The 6th was was too dark and unstable. Was the 4th just right?

*All programming is subject to change.

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