Harry Potter Panels & Events

Who Said It? Doctor’s Edition

FANTASTIC! GERONIMO! Venusian Karate – I think you’ll find I’m a lot harder than you think, young man! If you know these phrases than this fast-paced game of Who Said It is for you!

Looking for a Companion – the Doctor Who Game

Do you like history? What about dancing among the stars. It is time to impress the Doctors to give you a chance at being the next Companion in this FANTASTIC take on dating game!

Who’s Who in Doctor Who

What is with the Blue Police Box and how exactly is a screwdriver sonic? Why have them so many people playing the Doctor? Seriously – what is the Doctor a Doctor of?

Swan Songs and Heartbreak – Loss of Doctor Who Companions – Bring Tissues

Watching any Doctor Who episode reminds us that we always should keep a box of tissue handy. Find out the fate of some companions and prepare sniffle once again.

The Doctor can’t explain everything…

Paradoxical clones, quantum rifts, psychic abilities – the Doctor may create a lot of solutions but sometimes the plot holes are bigger than the inside of the TARDIS.

Doctor Who: Supervillain Showdown

The Master! The Daleks! The Cybermen! The Tivolians? Who takes the cake when it comes to being the Baddest of the Bad? Time to show your knowledge of how sneaking and devious your favorite villain is and why they are number one!

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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