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Ranking DC Films through history

How does your favorite DC Film stack up against the others? Whether you’re a fan of Superman (1971) or Steel (1997 – with Shaq) come share, laugh about, and possibly cringe uncontrollably as we discuss what movies you and others like to watch on any given Dark Knight.

Gems of the DC Animated Universe

The DC Animated Universe gave us some amazing movies like the Son of Batman and Justice League: DOOM just to name a few. Explore its latest and best offerings as well as the mini webisodes such as Vixen, Constantine & the Ray!

The Villains of Gotham

Fox’s Gotham has never feared creatively venturing from the Batman source material, especially when it comes to reintroducing us to our favorite villains. From Penguin’s rise to power to Poison Ivy’s rapid aging…when did they get it right, and when should they have had Alfred do a little more research?

The Evolution of the Arrowverse

From the single proclamation of “You have failed this city” to expanse of the Flash, the Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and now Black Lightning – the Arrowverse has given new life to the live action superheroes. Learn from our super fans about where it all started and how it is continually expanding

DC’s Expanding TV Universe

Believe it or not, Arrow & Flash are not the only kids on the block when it comes to DC Comics. Explore Gotham, Lucifer, Preacher & others as they relate to the DC Universe.

One Eye, Many Incarnations: The Faces of Deathstroke

From the sinister voice of Ron Perlman to savage roar of Manu Bennett, Slade Wilson has leapt from the pages of comics into cartoons, live action television, video games, and now movies. Explore the origins of this DC villain.

*Dates and times to be announced. All programming is subject to change.

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