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Harry Potter Panels & Events

Danielle Panabaker

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost
The Flash

Barry Kitson

Comic Artist

The multiverse is full of heroes and villains from DCU. Get funky like 70s Superman and Limbo like Lex Luthor? It’s time for the DC dance off! Don your cosplay & hit the dance floor in this dance off competition DC-style!

The Evolution of the Arrowverse

From the single proclamation of “You have failed this city” to expanse of the Flash, the Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and now Black Lightning – the Arrowverse has given new life to the live action superheroes. Learn from our super fans about where it all started and how it is continually expanding

Could Keaton’s Batman be a match Bale’s Dark Knight? Vote in this fictional face off between different versions of Batman to determine the best Batman of all time, good citizen!

While many of the Arrowverse shows have been solo ventures – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow brought the team dynamic to a whole new level with heroes and villains from the past and present. Explore the make up of this team and what makes them exciting!

While Batman & Spiderman are in separate universes, they do have the commonality of being rebooted multiple times with different actors in the last 10 years. Find out how these two comic book monoliths have fared in their reboots of both comic & cinematic universes.

*All programming is subject to change.

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