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Harry Potter Panels & Events

Barry Did What? The Antics of the Flash Trivia Game

How well do any of us know Barry Allen? How many mistakes and paradoxes can be traced back to this speedster (or speedsters in general)? Take on our super fans as they try to stump you in the fastest trivia game known to man!

Anything you can do I can do better – Superman vs Supergirl

Two Kryptonians enter… which one leaves? Can Clark take on Kara or does the Maid of Steel have what it takes to take down the Man? It is time to defend your favorite Kryptonian in this debate of Super proportions!

Oh Sidekick, Where Art Thou?

From Batman & Robin to Captain America & Bucky – a hero with a sidekick seemed to be a common staple for classic adventures. Yet sidekicks have grown into their heroes and the trope seems to have faded with the Modern Age of comics.

World Domination in 5 Easy Steps

Many actors have said they love playing the villain more because they have the best lines in the story that make them memorable. What does it take to make a truly great villain? Explore the necessary evils with our writing veterans on how to make a villain truly vile!

Fighting the Darkness or How to Make & Break Your Heroes

Conflict, consequences and tragic situations take hold of our attention when reading about a character forced into a dire situation. Learn from our Authors as they talk about what they do in situations where their heroes lose hope & when the great battle looks unwinnable.

*All programming is subject to change.
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