Harry Potter Panels & Events

Oh Sidekick, Where Art Thou?

From Batman & Robin to Captain America & Bucky – a hero with a sidekick seemed to be a common staple for classic adventures. Yet sidekicks have grown into their heroes and the trope seems to have faded with the Modern Age of comics.

Wearing the “Hero” Sign

If creating a hero was as easy as slapping a letter or emblem on their chest – stories would get predictive and boring real fast. As literature & comics have shown, not all characters need superpowers in order to be the hero of their story. What kind of traits or characteristics does a hero need and what has changed to make them viable in the modern age? Explore the world of hero creation and learn that they are more than just a cape or gritty backstory.

Fighting the Darkness or How to Make & Break Your Heroes

Conflict, consequences and tragic situations take hold of our attention when reading about a character forced into a dire situation. Learn from our Authors as they talk about what they do in situations where their heroes lose hope & when the great battle looks unwinnable.

World Domination in 5 Easy Steps

Many actors have said they love playing the villain more because they have the best lines in the story that make them memorable. What does it take to make a truly great villain? Explore the necessary evils with our writing veterans on how to make a villain truly vile!

Ummm, Actually: Comic Books!

The only thing a true geek loves more than knowing more than you is TELLING you they know more than you. Join our distinguished panel of “experts” as they read off incorrect comic book trivia tidbits, only to be corrected by the audience. But, you only get points if you start off your correction with the words “Ummm…Actually…” in true geeky fashion (extra points if you really ham it up).

*All programming is subject to change.

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