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Weapons & Prop Policy

Prop Check Procedure

All props must be checked before being allowed into convention space. There will be a minimum of one prop check station located near the convention Security Entrance as well as experienced PD/security personnel at these stations. Prop Check will always be done in the following fashion:

  • They will be put in a non-intrusive area of the prop, if possible. It does need to remain visible so that we can see it as we roam.
  • If a prop is denied, you will be asked to remove the prop from the premises.


Allowed / Forbidden List

Permitted weapons/props:

  • Sufficiently blunt wooden staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and swords are permitted.
  • Bullwhips and other stock whips are permitted provided they are rolled and secured, ideally by tagging, and remain that way during the convention.
  • Replicas of firearms provided they are easily identifiable as props, e.g. an orange-tipped barrel, and are tagged.

Prohibited weapons:

Any weapon prohibited by state or local law.

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