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5 Things to Expect at Minnesota Fan Fusion

by | Jun 21, 2018

As the calendar turns to summer it’s hard to believe that 2018’s event is just around the corner. We’ve picked the top 5 reasons you’ll want to geek out at Minnesota Fan Fusion.

1. Epic Talent

Whether it’s your favorite celebrity from a beloved pop culture franchise, a nationally-known fantasy author, or a comic book legend, Minnesota Fan Fusion is filled to the brim with talented creators of every kind. In addition to our massive lineup of celebrity talent, you’ll find that our homegrown creators can be just as creative with their own art, stories, and crafts.

2. Costumes Galore

In addition to our lineup of amazing cosplay guests who are adept at sewing and prop building, you’ll find that our attendees’ costumes will blow your mind! Everywhere you look, you’re bound to find super-heroic Avengers, Disney Princesses, and Muggles dressed as Wizards, with even more coming to life through the magic of cosplay.

3. Fun for the WHOLE Family

We’ve got hours of activities and panels from all your favorite genres, including Harry Potter, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and more. We have fabulous fashion shows and beauty pageants planned such as the Steampunk Fashion Show, Disney Fashion Pageant, and the Walking Dead Beauty Pageant and themed dance offs such as the Disney Dance Off and the Heroes of the Multiverse Cosplay Dance Off.

Dancing not your thing? Or maybe you’re bringing the little ones! We have Youth programming going on as well! Bring the kiddos to the Great Disney Family Sing-Along or let them show off their favorite costume in the Youth Fashion Show. Our attendees love to dress up in cosplay so make sure to roam the Exhibitor Hall too where your kids might meet their favorite superhero or Disney Princess in the flesh!

Minnesota Fan Fusion also has a weekend full of fan discussions, debates, and trivia games all on your favorite fandoms. Hop in and test your knowledge in the Harry Potter Quizzitch Show or debate who you think should be sitting on the Iron Throne and rule over Westeros in a Family Feud-style game of Feud of Thrones. Win prizes with our Hunt for the Infinity Stones scavenger hunt or defend your favorite superhero from the Marvel or DC universe in our DC vs Marvel – When Powers Collide panel.

Here for the celebrities? We got you covered! Chat with your favorite celebrity guest and ask them questions at their Q&A panel or meet them one-on-one when you purchase an autograph. You can even get a photo with your favorite star when you purchase a professional photo op with them — and don’t forget you can bring up to three other friends WITH you for a really awesome group photo. It makes for one heck of an awesome souvenir from the show!

4. Shop Till You Drop

You’ll find just about anything geek or pop culture related you can ask for in our exhibitor hall. You’re guaranteed to find a great selection of Funko Pop figurines, art prints and movie posters, T-shirts, cosplay accessories, comic books, or your next favorite novel.

5. One Big Family

At Minnesota Fan Fusion, we are brought together under one giant roof to celebrate our fandoms and Discover Our Inner Geek™ together. Throughout our seventeen years of operation in the convention industry with Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comicon/Comic Fest) and now Minnesota Fan Fusion, we have witnessed attendees cultivate new friendships and make a lifetime of memories. Did you know some of our celebrity guests roam the exhibit hall on their breaks? How about running into an epic, geeky proposal between two cosplayers? Most of all, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing people from every background come together as one big, happy family. Part of what we love about the conventions our team runs is the ability to provide a space and event where everyone feels like they belong. Our community is full of passionate, warm, supportive, welcoming fans that grow every year and, if this is your first year at Minnesota Fan Fusion, we can’t wait to have you join the big, geeky family.

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